About Chip

I am Chip Dong Lim, an interaction and visual designer currently living in Seattle, WA. Born and raised in Malaysia, I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship to further my undergraduate studies at the University of Washington in Seattle and recently graduated with a Bachelor's of Design in Interaction Design.

When I was a junior in high school, my science teacher introduced me to Google Page Creator, a web design publishing tool that does not require one to write a single line of code. I became interested and taught myself web programming. As I mistook web design for computer science, I took two computer science introductory courses during my freshman year and learned my mistakes the hard way. After taking a design introductory class with Professor Karen Cheng, I realized that design is what I had been interested all along and fell in love with it ever since.

As a designer, I am happy to help people to solve problems and craft great user experiences. I have extensive experience designing in the digital medium and work with projects involving interaction, motion, branding and visual design. I embrace design thinking and human-centered innovation. My primary interests besides design include music, hackathons, entrepreneurship, technology, social, education, and recently healthcare.

Also, puppies and kids!

Work Experience

Founded Made By Chip studio in 2013, I work diligently in a fast-paced environment to deliver unique creative design concepts. I have had the privilege of working with some of the best partners and clients in the field, from corporates, startups, student organizations, school department to independent artists.


Get In Touch

I am currently looking for design career opportunities, especially health companies that have a global presence in both United States and Malaysia.

Feel free to ask anything you want. Or just say hi.

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About This Site

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